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The Show & Tell (Project)

The Academy of Early Vocational Learning Corp (AEVL)

-Non-Profit Corporation-

      We partner with a local Non-Profit that introduces children to various trades (Occupations) early on in their development. Since children are built with the desire to learn.  The non-profit exposes children to many different hands-on learning experiences that are available in the community and opens up an excellent opportunity to give back in a big way.


      The Academy of Early Vocational Learning Corp. has invited us to be a part of a project that is dedicated to making children (at an early age) exposed to various vocational trades, such as carpentry, gardening, painting, etc. 


       We are showing our support by dedicating funds and time to this project.  It is our hope that by doing this children will have a hands-on experience that will inspire them to work harder and achieve more. 

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